About Us

What we do

As adults, we have the need to understand how our bodies and minds work, and how other people’s minds and bodies work. 2nd Sight Consultants offers adults creative ways to learn about themselves and others as emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual beings. By taking part in our programmes and interventions, individuals can look at themselves in new, healthy and enlightened ways.

These interventions are targeted at:

  • Corporate and government wellness programmes
  • Faith based organisations
  • CBOs and NGOs
  • Academic institutions
  • Other interested parties

Why do this kind of work?

Human sexuality is so much more than what’s in our pants. It’s more than what we do with our bodies. It’s more than diseases or babies. Sexuality includes biological concepts, socially constructed gender identities, sexual and relationship orientations and a wonderful array of sexual practices that people engage in. But sexuality is marinated in the “voices of the past” – the voices of past authority figures such as parents, teachers, religious ministers, family elders or older siblings. More correctly, sexuality is marinated in the silence of the past, as sexuality was very often NOT talked about openly and freely (and mostly still isn’t today). This silence is born out of ignorance and fear, and has translated into a universal shame that we feel about our bodies and sexuality.

Today, most adults can make decisions for themselves about their bodies and sexual preferences. But because of their deep rooted feelings of shame and ignorance their sexual behaviour can turn out to be risky. This not only puts them in danger of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV, but also of being in abusive relationships that put them physically, emotionally and sexually at risk. Research has confirmed the link between HIV and Gender Based Violence.

ALL adults need appropriate sexuality information, to be able to make responsible decisions. This helps them protect themselves and their partners against STI’s and to build healthy relationships. But more than that, the process of internalising the information, is just as important. It is so much more than just giving out a brochure, pamphlet or a free T-shirt with positive messaging. Adults, just like kids, learn more by being able to ask questions and be part of discussions. It is important that these discussions be facilitated by a professional in order to ensure that the “voices of the past”, fear and ignorance don’t influence their decisions negatively.

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