Delene Van Dyk, founder and owner of 2nd Sight Consultants

Delene’s passion is talking about the things people hardly ever talk about and to debunk the myths and stereotypes about human sexuality.

Delene has a wealth of experience working in psychological and sexual health and wellbeing. Over the course of her 20 year career, she has qualified as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator. For many years she worked in psychiatric institutions, and during that time also trained student nurses in the field of psychology, mental health and psychiatric nursing science.

For the past six years she has focused her passion on working with sexual minorities. She now designs tailor made mental and sexual health and wellbeing programmes/interventions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities. She has trained numerous health care and service providers to understand human sexuality and the challenges experienced by sexual minorities. She works with and mentors young people from diverse backgrounds, at an individual therapeutic level and at a facilitation group level.

Delene remains part of various qualitative research projects through conducting and analyzing qualitative interviews. She strongly advocates for sexual and reproductive rights at a national level, and her work has been presented on international platforms. She has often been invited to take part in television and radio interviews, and has been quoted in several magazine and newspaper articles.

She is married, and together with a dog and cat, lives an authentic non-heteronormative life in a beautiful house without a picket fence.